Decimal Arithmetic Evaluation Framework

Decimal Arithmetic Software hardware co-design Evaluation Framework

List of Current Project Regarding Decimal Computing:


Number  Name of Repository Version Control Last Update
1 Rocket chip with decimal accelerator on Github  Github 2019/07/11
2 Co-design using IBM decNumber C library 64-bit Github  2020/02/17
3 Co-design using IBM decNumber C library 128 bit Github  2020/02/17







Other  important Downloads (Verilog):

17 Digit CLA
34 Digit CLA
128-bit PPA
64-bit PPA
1X-5X generator
1X-5X generator


List of Publication


Title (Paper) Author Year, Publisher
Decimal Multiplication Using Combination of Software and Hardware Riaz-ul-haque Mian , Michihiro Shintani , and Michiko Inoue 2018, IEEE Asia Pacific Conference on Circuits and Systems (APCCAS)
Cycle-Accurate Evaluation of Software-Hardware Co-Design of Decimal Computation in RISC-V Ecosystem Riaz-ul-haque Mian , Michihiro Shintani , and Michiko Inoue 2019, 32nd IEEE International SYSTEM-ON-CHIP Conference (SoCC)


Multiplication Verification Decimal Floating-Point Multiplication Example DPD-Encoding
RoCC Acceleratro Interface Framework Manual DPD-Encoding Multiplication Verification
DPD-Encoding DPD-Encoding


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